Rock Singer Binod Dhakal Looks Different After Cutting Long Hair

Kathmandu, 15th Mar: Here in the video we have singer Binod Dhakal to talk about his personal life and many more things. Binod Dhakal’s rap number, Ukali Ma Pani Hajur, has managed to create some buzz, and is a favourite among youngsters today, not to mention being very possibly the song that is played the most in public vehicles at present. This is partly owing to the fact that the lyrics depict conversations between a driver, conductor and their passengers, as well as the catchy tune. Aside from rapping, Dhakal is also experimenting with folk, pop and reggae, the culmination of which will be seen, he says, in his upcoming second album, Homework. The musician has also sung playback for the film Mokshya, alongside playing a role himself in the Nepali feature Kuntha.

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