doctors quarters to be built

Galkot, April 23 : The Gandaki State Government has come forward to construct the doctors’ quarters at the Dhawalagiri Zonal Hospital after the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), the National News Agency, on March 20 disseminated news entitled “Hospital Doctors Staying in Hotel.” The news was about doctors at the Dhawalagiri Zonal Hospital RSS News Impact: doctors quarters to be built staying in hotels due to lack of a doctors’ quarters at the hospital.

The Gandaki State Government’s Ministry of Social Development on March 29 took a decision to construct a doctors’ quarter at the hospital, stating that its serious attention was drawn by the news.Social Development Minister Naradevi Pun even conducted a surprise visit to the hospital after the news was published in the media, a hospital source said.

During the visit and after learning that the hospital lacked a residential quarter for doctors, minister Pun had said her ministry would extend support for the construction of doctors’ quarter at the hospital.There are 22 doctors at the Dhawalagiri Zonal Hospital in Baglung at present. This is the highest number ever of doctors in the hospital’s history and the hospital is finding it hard to manage residential quarters for them.

Although the hospital has three newly-constructed residential quarters for doctors, they have not been formally handed over to the hospital management. The doctors had to be accommodated in hotels for a month due to this.The State Government has allocated Rs 10 million for upgrading the existing two-storey doctors’ residential quarters into a three storey building.

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