State-3 govt to bring budget of Rs 50 billion for coming fiscal year

Hetauda, April 30 : State-3 government is to bring a budget of around Rs 50 billion for coming fiscal year. It has been making preparation to bring the budget through the project bank.Employees of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning and Policy and Planning Commission of the state have been involved for the preparation of the budget.

The state-3 government has so far spent only 30 per cent budget including capital and current expenditure in the current fiscal year. However, there are concerns that the economic source of the state would decrease owing to the federal government’s decision granting the right to collect all kinds of tax on aggregates like sand, pebble and stone used in construction which are considered the primary source of revenue.

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of State-3 government Kailash Prasad Dhungel said that the state government was working to expand the scope of revenue collection and increase the economic resources. He said that his ministry is without a secretary and this is hampering the budget formulation works. (RSS)

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